ITTI-BCSIR is offering a complete solution & training facilities for analytical services;

(a) Real-Time PCR: HBV, HCV, Fish Channel Virus, Halal Testing and versatile DNA solutions.

(b) GC– Fatty acid profiling for different oils, fish oils, DHA, EPA etc testing.

(c) Z-Nose: A overhead GC for the detection of explosives (far better & faster than the trained dogs), breast cancer screening (by taking only breath from patients), halal detection, meat varieties identification, controlling of human trafficking, liquid solvent analysis etc.

(d) Amino Acid Analyzer: Quantification of total protein content with individual amino acid analysis of different food staffs, drinks, fetal blood serum and from different biological samples.

(e) Flame Photometer: Identification of different micronutrients like Sodium , Potassium etc from soil samples and food staffs.

(f) LC-MS: For the detection of vitamins, protein content from blood, food staffs etc.